• Matrix™  
    The ultimate driveway surface

    Matrix™ is a very attractive resin bound aggregate system that can be laid over a variety of materials to create a very futuristic, seamless, hard wearing and maintenance free surface.  It is suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle trafficked areas and is widely used on driveways, paths, patios, light commercial and urban schemes, as well as internal use (eg utility or bathrooms, or hallways) when sealed to create a non-porous surface.

    Matrix™ is a fully bound resin system where the aggregate is fully encapsulated within clear resin - many different sizes, colours and blends of aggregate can be used for creative designs.  As the product is highly permeable for compliance with SUDS when laid on a suitable base, Matrix™ is also suitable for use as a tree pit system in urban areas.

MatrixTM can be laid over new or existing asphalt, concrete or other stable surfaces. Its high performance and great aesthetics create the ultimate surfacing system:

  • fully resin bound system - no loose gravel
  • futuristic and seanless trowelled finish
  • permeable - compatible with SUDS (ideal for urban tree pits)
  • extremely hard wearing
  • maintenance free
  • fast and simple installation
  • suitable for use over existing surfaces in good condition
  • retains slight flexibility for crack resistance
  • UV and non-UV stable resin options
  • wide range of aggregate colours available
  • pedestrian and vehicular traffic grades
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Matrix™ preparation and application instructions

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