• Scatter™  
    Fast application - no loose gravel

    Scatter™ is a resin bonded stone surfacing system used for overlaying asphalt or concrete surfaces. A two-part resin is spread over the surface and broadcast with a small aggregate. Once the resin is cured any loose gravel is removed by brushing and the resultant finish is a thin layer of gravel bonded to the treated surface.

    Like DriveDash®, ScatterTM resin bonded gravel is used widely on large and small driveways, paths, access roads, landscaping and commercial schemes.  Its cost effectiveness and fast application makes it ideal for larger areas.  As surfaces have to be smooth and in relatively good condition, it tends to be selected to overlay new surfaces rather than for renovating old.

ScatterTM offers the following features:

  • very cost effective and instant rejuvenation 
  • attractive, natural and modern
  • fast and simple installation
  • fast curing reson
  • minimal disruption during application
  • very durable and hard wearing
  • low maintenance
  • high friction giving high slip resistance
  • BBA Approved for use on roads for over 10 years, when laid to specification
Scatter spreading resin
Scatter™ preparation and application instructions

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